Hi, I’m Luke. I’m a photographer, writer, traveller, foodie, geek, game-player, movie addict and occasional cook. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and here you’ll find photos I’ve taken, recipes I cook and opinions on pretty much everything!

I’m Luke. I’m addicted to travel, good food, and photos

In the 1990’s, Luke started in journalism and production. He then started learning about the operations side of the travel industry and spent time in Hotel and Tourism Management, Cruise Ships, Amusement Parks and Destination Marketing.

Upon returning to Australia, he became a travel agent, and within a year won a number of awards for his travel consulting. He moved into agency management and later into “Product” where his role was to design and package once in a lifetime experiences and bucket-list itineraries for the luxury traveller.

In 2008 he opened his own Travel Photography company, and again was travelling the world and taking pictures.  For the last ten years, he has also led group tours of photographers to amazing destinations, showing them the world, and how to capture it on camera, at the same time.

As a travel photographer and documentarian, Luke doesn’t just visit a city and see the sights. He explores his surroundings, meets the locals, and learns as much about where he is and the culture as he can. His past trips and adventures include 5 months of exploring and photographing South America – from Machu Picchu to Patagonia, from the Galapagos Islands to Carnival in Brazil, where he was accredited as an official photographer.

Luke has spent 12 months exploring every U.S. state in a motorhome, visiting not just the tourist destinations, but towns and landmarks tourists are yet to discover. He has lived and worked in North America (Los Angeles, New York, Orlando) for over 5 years, and is an expert on travelling in the United States. He has spent 8 months exploring the Caribbean, visiting almost every island and country in this spectacular region.

He has traversed Europe, usually driving himself so he has the time to explore and photograph the places he visits.  For the last few years, Luke has been focused on exploring Asia, with recent trips to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia and Bhutan. Luke considers Bhutan to be one of the most amazing places to travel to and would love to tell you all about it. Luke has also spent a lot of time exploring China and Japan.

Most recently, Luke visited his 7th continent, Antarctica – on an expedition that included South Georgia, fantastic scenery, amazing wildlife and a lot of drama as Covid-19 prevented the ship from finding a safe port. Luke’s skills and experience in Crisis Management played an integral part in the successful evacuation of 193 passengers on board.

Currently, Luke resides on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where he spends his days helping people see the world as a ‘Personal Travel Manager’, playing with his dog Kodak on the beach, revisiting his travel memories by sorting through hundreds of thousands of photos, playing a role in community discussion by commenting on each and every news subject that comes up – and experimenting with cooking. Luke likes to relive his dining experiences from around the world by trying to replicate the best of them in his own kitchen.