Mermaids: We can all admit that since Daryl Hannah was in Splash we’ve thought about it!

Whether it really was Daryl Hannah in Splash, or Jodi Benson singing “Part of Your World” in Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ we can all agree mermaids have been part of the fantastic consciousness for both boys and girls.

Boys wanted to date a mermaid and little girls wanted to be one.

There’s been a growing trend in photography, swimming, culture and who knows what else, where mermaid tails are now an add on to swimming costumes, and both kids and adults hit the beach or the swimming pool in mermaid regalia. A friend of mine even makes tails and crowns, and another friend offers lessons on how to be a mermaid.

Behind This Photograph:

I’d had this idea for a while and living on the Sunshine Coast, where the beach is temperate in Summer from 5am and also remarkably empty, the concept behind this photo became feasible.

A quick casting call found a model interested in becoming a mermaid. I wanted the model to be topless for the image, mainly because the concept of clothing and modesty is human and I wanted some authenticity – I’ve been commissioned many times since this image to turn women into mermaids and it’s usually something I recommend in the consult. Having said that, I do believe in modesty and images being social media friendly, so try to imply any nudity either through water splashes or photoshopping the hair-length to provide some cover.