Since 2008, Luke has been developing his photography curriculum and offers training and classes regularly around Australia - and overseas. 

Beginner Classes

* Love Your Camera (Introduction to your D-SLR)
* People, Children and Families
* Places, Landscapes and Travels
* Night Photography

Intermediate Classes

* Wedding Photography
* Macro Photography
* Sports Photography
* Animals, Wildlife and Pets

Advanced Classes

* Beachscapes and the Ocean
* Cityscapes and Street Photography
* Newborns and Infants
* Kids at Play


* Finding Photographic Opportunities
* Milky Way Camp
* Post Production and Editing
* Storytelling with Photography
* The Art of Composites

Online Classes

* Post-Production and Editing
* 12 Month Development Program


Luke's current teaching schedule can be found under the 'LEARN' heading in the menu. If a class or location is not currently listed, then subscribe to our newsletter so you can find out when a class might come to your city.  Luke is also available for private tuition on any of these modules.



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